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August 6, 2012

Overseas Bridals 2013


I’m thinking of visiting a few more overseas destination next year for Bridal Photography. Switzerland, New Zealand, New York, Prague etc…

Where would be the preferred destination for your own bridal photos? The location surely does not have to be from the list above 🙂

*Update 1* I am surely going to New Zealand next year some time between March to May, so those interested in following me on a trip to middle earth, please send those inquiries to michael@expressivelyjoho.com

Applie : 23:39 August 14, 2012 Reply
How about Amsterdam/Holland? I have been dreaming of having my prewedding photos taken in the tulip fields, the Keukenhof Garden and the windmills. I'll be really interested to know about your rates if you should decide to fly there!
    MC : 04:50 August 15, 2012 Reply
    That's a fantastic suggestion! You just made me want to visit the tulip fields also! Let me work on / find out the cost estimates and I will get back to you shortly on the rates for such a trip ya :) Thanks so much. Regards, Michael Chan
Paris Paris | An Enchanting Blog : 00:03 September 10, 2012 Reply
[...] the way, the next big destination bridal trip lined up will be for New Zealand. There’s still a couple of slots left, so do drop me a mail, if you are interested. [...]

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