September 23, 2010

Adrian . Ivy (Wedding Day Highlights)


A few days back, I got to witness & capture the beautiful wedding of Adrian & Ivy, one of the couples we hold close to our hearts (I believe I speak for Jonathan too hehe). From the initial meetups to supper / drinks nights, it was always a privilege & pleasure to be in their company. Had it not been for the unfortunate ash cloud that threatened flight cancellations and my tight schedule back in Singapore, I would have spent even more wonderful time (still rue to this day) with the lovely couple in Berlin for their romantic bridal shoot with Jonathan. It’s a bummer that they are back in Hong Kong (for work) so soon after their big day, but that’s life and I wish them all the best and hopefully produce little adrian and little ivy soon! And guys, you can be sure I will head on over to HK and catch up, as soon as I find some time to pry myself away from Singapore!

Here’s the express slideshow I made for the couple, for those who wants to relive the beautiful day.

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