February 16, 2014

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue


Basketball was my game when I was a kid.

And Michael Jordan was my idol. In many ways, he still is.

Coming from a lowish income family, I never did manage to wear much fancy kicks back in the days, when a pair of Air Jordan was all the rage.

I was over the moon when my mom saved up for and presented me with a pair of AJ 11 (Concorde) when I was 15. Thanks mom for your love, patience and for trying to give me everything that I could ever need and more. I love you so much!

The shoe would not last me for more than a year though, as we used to train like crazy. I loved the pair of AJ so much, but did not even have a decent photo to remember it by.

And so it is, many years later, I chanced upon this beauty of a shoe, retro-ed in an even cooler colorway this time.

It sold out everywhere in like minutes! But I knew I had to have one, for memory sake.

Thanks to the magic of ebay (a torch light and my iphone) … I present to you, Gamma Blue.

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