July 13, 2011

Art in Wedding


Recently I read a thread in a forum called “anyone can buy a DSLR and be a wedding photographer these days”.

And I got to thinking, how true! With the advances in technology this days, with cameras that can tell you turn this nob to get a brighter picture or turn that nob to get more bokeh (or background blur for those not in the know). It is a fact anyone with a decent camera can photograph a wedding these days.

But if anyone can photograph a wedding, now where does that leave us, the professional photographers? Are we going to be out of a job soon?

Fact is, the professionals are far from being ousted from their jobs. In fact, I have lots of peers that’s being paid in excess of $10K to fully cover a wedding. If everyone can photograph a wedding, why would anyone in their right mind pay such a sum for photography (or videography for that matter).

I can actually go on for a few more paragraphs telling you in detail why, but I am just gonna summarize it in one line.

Anyone can take a photograph, but only those that dedicates time and effort in molding their craft, can create an art piece.

Nuff’ said.

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