January 15, 2016

The Book of Hope by Cayden Chang


Finally got my hands on a copy of Cayden’s book. Here’s the story of a man who’s twice fought and won against cancer, rose from poverty, and succeeded against all adversity. His spirit is something I’ve always been in awe with. Thanks for showing me what it takes to live your dream and teaching me what’s important in life.

What’s even better is that all proceeds from the book sales goes to helping Cancer research.

As an aside, the cover image was shot by none other than yours truly :D. Upon hearing about Cayden’s cause. I volunteered to help in what small little ways I could, and what better can I do than to bring his story to life in an image.

Even though work is quite hectic at the moment, but I made for some time and is already 6 chapters into his book, and i must say it’s a good inspiring read and I’m looking forward to finishing it real soon.

If anyone’s interested in getting a copy of the book, do visit Kinokuniya Takashimaya or their website to order one right now.


– Michael Chan –

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