March 3, 2012

Canon EOS 5D Mk III


The 5 Series DSLRs from Canon have been a staple in my bag for the longest of time. All the way from the original, to my current 5DmkII. The trusty cameras have over the years, helped me craft up tons of art pieces.

I simply love the 5D mkII for it’s awesome image quality straight off camera and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Canon delivered it’s newest iteration, the MkIII, with aplomb.

The Mk II while full of innovation (1st full HD video recording DSLR) and quality, had it’s share of quirks. Most notably, it’s rather dated AF system.

With the Mk III, the dream camera (for those not needing 12 fps or insane megapixel count) has finally arrived.

Packed with a kick ass AF System (61 point AF, mind you) similar to the one in Canon’s flagship EOS 1D-X.

Improved high ISO performance (about 2 stops improvement) making low light photography all the more easier, and especially good for us wedding photographers.

Canon also managed to squeeze in an additional SD card slot for concurrent writing (backup) if required, which is an excellent addition if you ask me. You can’t be too safe, especially when it comes to vital images on a job.

And while I generally don’t quite need high fps shooting for my work, the Mk III actually boasts a much improved frame rate, at 6 fps, which is a fantastic bonus. Plus, with a higher rated shutter count, I can pretty much just trigger off at full speed and allow the camera vibration to massage my aching hand after a 10 hour assignment!! haha

Granted I have only touched a pre-production model at launch, and not quite have time to gain a more in depth feel of how the camera handles. The first impression is really good and I do foresee this camera ending up in most pro/amateur photographers bag in the near future.

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