March 7, 2009

Hong Kong . Hong Kong


There is something about the pearl of the orient that keeps me intrigued and urges me to go back again and again….

it’s definitely not the shopping for me (more for wifey)

maybe it’s the character of the streets and architecture…

or it could be the people…

it could well be the food too, oh the food… wonderful mango deserts, delicious (unhealthy) roadside stalls bites, tim sum…

Whatever it is… I wanna go back again. This time, I wanna see much more than a usual tourist would and I want to capture hong kong with even better equipments! (the shots above were taken sometime back and are not taken on my current DSLRs and L lenses)

I am planning to go again in August when there aren’t that many ADs to cover (which also would be a good time for my wife to do a LITTLE shopping as it is their GRAND SALE period). I might even extend my stay past the usual one week this time round, because with a little bit of luck, my stay in HK might coincide with Joho’s Hong Kong Bridal Promotion. If we are there around the same time, I will surely stay and help him out with the bridal shoots, maybe even chip in with a shot or 2! haha (oh ya.. if anyone’s interested in an August Bridal/Pre-Wedding Shoot in HONG KONG by Master Photographer jOhO, please email to

Now that my holiday plans are out… I am gonna go grab some food from the fridge. Thinking of HK makes me hungry! muahahahaha

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