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March 25, 2010

joseph.weileng – wedding day highlights


Many couples who visited my home/gallery have nice things to say about the beautiful wedding day album for Joseph & Weileng that’s lying on my coffee table. So I am using this opportunity not only to test out the new slideshow engine, but also to show everyone just how wonderful the couple’s big day was.

Joseph : 08:18 March 25, 2010 Reply
Watching this clip almost brought me to tears with so much emotions and memories emerged. Thank you Michael, for capturing our Big Day so perfectly. Without you, all these will simply fade over time. Now all the wonderful moments are for eternity... Beautiful and romantic..... Joy and bliss..... Thank you Michael................
xp1 : 15:35 March 31, 2010 Reply
This is absolutely brilliant. Great work indeed. Your customers should be very proud to have work of this calibre. I take inspiration from work like this and will definitely try to give my clients something similar. I know of one other photographer who is trying to purchase something similar for his clients DVD presentations. Some great candids and excellent choice of music. Well done and good luck for the future. XP1
Chong : 15:41 April 9, 2010 Reply
Hi, thanks for sharing this wonderful clip. Wonderful photos with very nice slideshow effects. Great background song! This is the best wedding highlights clip that I have seen. You are awesome :) May I know what software that you used to compose the slideshow, as well as what is the song's name? (I know most likely its a trade secret, but no harm trying to ask :) ) Cheers and keep up the good work!

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