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May 12, 2011

Just before I go…


I am flying off tonight for a wedding and a short retreat with the missus.

Seeya all when I am back 🙂

and before I go… I’ll leave you with a couple of shots from Jun Biao & Huey Teng’s Bridal Session

And 2 from Alvin & Khim’s Wedding Day!

Christopher : 19:26 June 13, 2011 Reply
Hey Michael! Wanna ask something, for the last photo, how did you prevent your camera from getting hit by the wine? I always like those flares ^^
    MC : 22:19 June 13, 2011 Reply
    I don't think there's anyway of preventing if you are gonna get a wide angle shot like i did. I guess you can do a tele from far away but that i guess would lose a little bit of dynamism so, what I did was shoot wide, get really close, and pray hard for as little as possible of the champagne shower on the equipment. Do remember to use clear filter on your lens for protection.

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