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April 13, 2012

Love at La Défense


A not so often covered location of Paris. The futuristic looking world at La Defense, in stark contrast to the romantic streets of old Paris. Thanks so much to the adventurous couple, Ryan and Jessie for bearing the cold with us to get these wonderful alternative images. We almost freezed our asses off so I made pretty damn sure the images turned out great.

Also special mention goes out to Sweet Affinity Bridal for loaning us the beautiful gown for this particular photo shoot.

Click to enlarge the image and view in it’s full glory.

ead : 11:12 April 13, 2012 Reply
hey Michael, thats a very nice image!
MC : 00:13 April 14, 2012 Reply
Thanks so much Eadwine! :) It's a very interesting location. You should visit when you are there.
ead : 01:57 April 14, 2012 Reply
Believe it or not, I've never been to Paris =)
MC : 02:16 April 14, 2012 Reply
it's not unbelievable.. i'd never been myself until 2 years ago. Despite all the commercialization and the tourist infestation. It's still a place I believe we should all try to visit within our life time :)
Dani Davila : 17:50 May 25, 2012 Reply
Love this picture, nice shoot!!
    MC : 10:24 May 26, 2012 Reply
    Thanks very much Dani

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