November 7, 2012

Master Photographers Association Diamond Jubilee Awards 2012 – Yervant Bridal Award


It’s been a hectic year so far, with seemingly never ending assignments and very little time for myself, even if just for a short breather. With R&R time hard to come by, no doubt there wasn’t much time to prepare/enter my images for the many photography competitions throughout the year.

And I pretty much gave them all a miss, that is until a few months back when I submitted my first entries of the year and took part in the Master Photographers Association Diamond Jubilee Awards 2012. And I’m really glad I did, as I took home the Yervant Bridal Award, amidst fantastic competition.

The Yervant Bridal Award, is also a category I hold dearly as Yervant’s works (he’s an uber awesome photographer btw) were my inspirations when I first started out as a wedding photographer and he’s still someone whom I look up to now and to have him deem one of my works worthy of a category winner, that is simply heaven for me.

Much thanks to Yervant, Colin, Linda and the entire MPA team over in the UK, for the award. Special mention must also go to Ryan Wong, if without his nudge, I would not have entered the images for the competition in the first place. Thanks for pushing us always and the fantastic pointers all these while.

And while I’m thanking people, I certainly can’t miss out Ukay, who took the trouble to lug the hefty trophy back to Singapore for me, Thanks bro!

Thanks to James for his wonderful prints, which certainly gave my images a boost in the judging process I am sure.

Thanks to Joho for giving me this fantastic platform to perform and improve for the last 4 years or so.

Thank you Vanessa, my lovely assistant. Without you, I probably will be sleeping 1 hour each day.

Thanks to all my peers for inspiring me day in day out, with your astonishing works and keeping me on my toes, reminding me to strive and improve each day.

Thanks to my lovely couples who puts their trust in me, to best capture them in their elements and create works of art.

Thanks to my uber cute, ultra funny and lovingly sweet kid, Claire, who brightens my every day and gives me a reason to wake up every day and be the best I can be.

And finally, thanks to the 3 person in this world who have absolute faith in me, who loves me with all their heart and stands by me, no matter what. I love you Papa, Mummy and Xinyang.

Winning image for Yervant Bridal Award

Just got hold of the amazing looking trophy and here’s a couple of shots I took of it while I goofed around with my handphone.

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