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July 27, 2008

My Days without a Camera Phone


I have been using the Sony Ericsson M600i for a while now… it’s a great (non-camera) phone…

no complains but I kinda missed the camera phone function from time to time

Many times when walking around, hanging with friends, or shopping with my wife, I see some really beautiful subjects (may not necessarily be women ok!!) and then I will go “Damn! I didn’t bring my Cam!!!”

It really kills me sometimes that I am unable to capture all those images, considering the fact that I am a compulsive shutterbug

The above few images were taken with my wife’s cam phone recently… nothing spectacular but goes down well with me (at least the moment is not totally squandered keke)

How I wish that my phone can magically change into a Samsung Omnia or HTC Touch Pro or SE Xperia or …..

shenando : 23:45 August 11, 2008 Reply
wow... what phone is your wife using? your skills are really good to have taken this kinda photos! i'm visiting your site after a recommendation from your poly friend. really fantastic pictures.
MC : 01:01 August 12, 2008 Reply
Believe it or not... she is still using a K750i... and yes i know, we are both using outdated phones hahaha :P
shenando : 16:48 August 13, 2008 Reply
wow... my fiancee is using that too... kein recommended u to me...
MC : 17:51 August 13, 2008 Reply
I'd guess as much :) it was a very nice proposal and i wish u and ur partner a lifetime of happiness

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