August 1, 2008

The Amazing White Rabbit


Nope it’s not really an animal.

I am actually referring to a Super Yacht I visited just hours ago.

The exterior was really grand, like a sparkling diamond in the sea. But what really blew me away was the interior. Luxuriously designed and almost too well equipped. There just ain’t anything you can think of which is not in the darn boat, more plasma TV than you can count with your fingers, jacuzzi, gym etc, you name it, you got it. The kitchen itself is probably bigger than my living room (granted I don’t live in a huge house… but it is still damn amazing)!!

If there was really heaven on earth, I guess The White Rabbit would come really close to being it.

(Again due to the sad fact that I don’t have a camera phone… i have no pictures to show you exactly how grand the yacht is… sigh)

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