May 4, 2008

Virgin Ride On Singapore Flyer


Yesterday, wifey and me went on board the world’s largest FLYER (Hooray for Singapore).

<<Click to enlarge>>

and since I am out of a job, wifey offered to pay for the ride (hehehe, i am a kept man 😆 )

After buying the tickets we went walking around and had dinner at Popeye’s (wifey loved the bread there, while I remained indifferent to any sorta bread haha)

After dinner, we were on our way to boarding the flyer!! (wifey is a bit scared by this time, but seriously the thing moves at such a snail pace you barely feel a thing. It’s a different story though when you have kids jumping around in the same cabin, but I shall leave that for another day… dare i say more photos? haha)

btw, there were lots and lots of photogs there.. snapping away like nobody’s business

So I tried to shoot the flyer from peculiar angles to differentiate my shots from the rest

and then i got lazy… so … … … …

of course a day out with wifey definitely must include our usual clowning shots….

It was a great experience, seeing Singapore from a different angle but it is the sort of ride which one would probably never go twice (unless they are working / really have nothing better to do / have loads of cash to burn / there may be a couple more reasons but u guys get the idea)

Finally, I shall end this post with a CBD shot taken from the flyer.

Take care now, bye bye then.

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