January 19, 2011

What a Start


The short “parternity” break I took in december suddenly seem like ages ago.

I must say it has been a rather hectic start to 2011 thus far! With the confinement lady (nanny) gone, we have taken to caring of baby Claire ourselves. And I have taken on the night shift (due to my amazing ability to sleep very little each day haha), making sure our precious gets her 3 hourly dose of milk and the odd pampers change every now and then.

Just taking care of the baby ain’t so bad, but add on the assignments I have been taking on since the turn of the year, everyday suddenly seems to just fly past so quickly and I barely had time for a breather.

But I guess, this is part and parcel of growing up and being a parent, and I must say I am really happy to be going through this phase. The only downside being, less updates on the blog… again. hahahaha

I’m gonna leave you guys with a shot i took (with the iPhone) last night, after a bridal photoshoot near Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

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