June 6, 2008

Whimsy Windows Vista


As much as everyone loves to Hate Microsoft…

My Personal experience with MS products and PCs as a whole has been pretty smooth sailing…

no Harddisk failure, no PC crashes, never had virus attacks etc for more than 12 yrs

but nothing prepared me for the nightmare I am facing now…

this fine morning, my workstation (installed with Vista) kept crashing (blue screen of death – which has happened b4 but not quite as often as what was happening this morn)

after 4-5 restarts, even my BIOS fail to start up. i rarely download any softwares (tsk tsk) so there is barely any chance it could have been a virus attack.

I am just so sad that Vista is still so unstable, even after the rolling out of Service Pack 1

I had a schedule planned out for the day but it has now been totally messed up by the stupid crash.

Sigh… off to PC Clinic for consultation 🙁

Take care everyone and hope your day is much better den mine!

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