January 26, 2011

Why i love shooting primes


Some would question the logic of using primes when it’s way more convenient to shoot with zoom lens. I would beg to differ as I love shooting with primes, and the main reason is because it forces me to move around and think alot more about every single shot. I cannot be lazy and stay in one spot forever. And with movement, comes new perspectives, angles and opportunities that you would have otherwise, missed.

One example is a shot like this, taken at the entrance of a bar, locally. It’s looks really dynamic and cool, and each time I am in the area, if my couples like the idea, we can always do a shot there.

For the longest of time, we have been doing a shot like that, albeit with different poses and lighting, but the composition remains somewhat similar. Until the other day, when I moved into the area where the subjects are standing, to check the light and pose, when a whole new different image struck me. And I did this!

Which i thought was pretty great too. Next time, I will go in again and use my new Elinchrom Quadra to light the bejesus out of that awesome little venue and hopefully will be able to come up with something different again.

So I say, the best thing that could happen to a photographer is to be very mobile, move-compose-capture-repeat.

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