November 15, 2010

Brandon & Kellie – Wedding Day Sneak Preview


An outrageously fun day with the lovely couple and a whacky bridal party! At the same time, the morning affair was also one of the most traditional I’d been through in a long time, with a proper “Mei Po” no less. Unforgettable, are the touching speeches by the bride and groom in the evening which almost brought me to tears. This is a couple that’s truly meant for each other and I wish them an eternity of happiness.

On a sidenote, the iPad however, caused me alot of frustrations when it refuses to sync with iTunes, rendering it unable to download the edited images you see below for me to display during the reception. I ended up having to lug my laptop over to reception to display the images at an abandoned corner (only place with power supply) of the reception. Can someone develop a nice big screened tablet which has a fantastic display, long lasting battery life and no association whatsoever to Apple please.

More images can be found @ our fanpage on Facebook

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