March 18, 2008



No, DD doesn’t stand for DareDevil, it actually means…

Dear Doris,

I am not so good at writing super long essays lar, juz want to say thank you for being so nice to me since day 1 I step into SBST and surely gonna miss u lots when you……. hiak hiak hiak

hey… remember our agreement ah!!! 😀

(Click for larger pic)

DD & Tracy… so natural here 😀

This is only a sneak preview!! loads more pics to come tonight!! haha 😉


Doris pictured here

So cute that I have to post one more of Lifang…

Laysee… cannot comment too much or else she’ll hit me again (no lar… actually she also very nice muahahahaha)

dynamic duo of Rita and Hazizah

Midget Mindy and Giant Cindy :p (pics can be deceiving)

Following shot reminds me of indian movie… LoL

not a very energetic bunch but hey… all are here mah 🙂
should serve as good memories for DD

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