April 20, 2008

Forgotten Kingdom??


First thought after watching the show, is that the 2 megastars should have made this show 10 yrs ago.

They both looked really old and slightly meatier then they should be.

Make no mistake, a movie that stars 2 of the biggest Martial Artist of our time, is a show you cannot miss. but if I could choose again, I will just rent/buy the DVD instead.

The fight scenes are non too spectacular and seriously, they should get someone else to be monkey king (悟空), Jet Li just isn’t mischievous enough. Maybe they should have roped Stephen Chow in to be monkey king!! haha

Liu Yi Fei is splendid eye candy though! yummy … lookout for her!

end of the day, it is just a feel good, obligatory movie by jackie and jet (with an annoying american boy as the lead actor), which could easily be forgotten if you are not a martial art movie fan.

btw, there are rumours of Stephen making another Jouney to the West movie. Now, that is one kick ass movie I am looking forward to.

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