August 9, 2017

Hasta la vista…. baby


Dear Vanessa,

You have been an ever present for me ever since like 6-7 years ago. I’ve seen your growth from being an assistant, to an associate photographer all the way to an awesome principle photographer. I guess you are so ingrained in my life that I probably never quite saw this coming. I put off penning this post for a long time because I can’t quite find the words for it, but I guess there’s no better way than to just rip the band-aid off.

[Yes, Vanessa has moved on to (greener pasture) a field outside of photography and will no longer be with us once her current/upcoming assignments are over.]

I will miss your presence deeply, but it’s surely not good bye, more of a hasta la vista, as I will continue to keep up with your progress, wherever you are. Wish you all the best at your new workplace and you are always welcome back to trigger off some shutters if your finger ever gets itchy!

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