September 30, 2013



I rarely go a whole month without a single blog entry and this month, thanks to a never ending line of images to edit and quite a few weddings and events to cover, I have barely been online or had much time for my family, especially my kid.

While it’s a good thing to be busy, as we age, it’s probably also a good thing to enjoy life a little bit. I’m referring not so much to booze and parties, but more R&R time with the family, kicking back with a nice meal with close friends and enjoying the breeze, that sorta stuff.

While my work certainly brings a lot of joy and satisfaction and I am by no means hating it, I am still keeping an eye out for that glorious light at the end of the tunnel when I will finally be able to spend a nice day out at the beach or at the pool with my little girl.

Cloud 9

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