May 2, 2012

In search of customer service excellence


Your wedding day means the world to us.

Not only do we work our hardest to get you images that will last you a lifetime, we strive to ensure that none of the shots that matter goes missing.

After the wedding, we will never linger around or go partying and get ourselves dead drunk. Instead, we will hurry back to our office in double quick time, and backup all the shots, on multiple hard disks on our workstation. A copy also goes onto our RAID Network Attached Server, which will still run smoothly, even if 2 of the hard disks in there crash. A final copy onto a Blu-ray Disc is burnt, and the disc kept off-site, in case anything bad happens to my office.

Short of going into the clouds, that’s like an almost bullet proof system for the storage of your wedding day images.

Keyword here, being almost. Granted, some studios probably don’t even have such a strong system for data storage, but as I always tell everyone, there’s no true perfection in this world, and the only thing we can and must do, is to always strive to do whatever we can, as best as we can at any given time.

With the new set of cameras (The Canon EOS 5D mk III) I purchased recently, there’s now the possibility of writing images onto 2 memory cards concurrently. Which also means redundancy at the point of photographing the momentous shot. That function to me is a god sent, as no matter how good my backup system is previously, there’s still the possibility of memory cards malfunctioning for whatever weird reason (yes, memory cards, like hard disks are temperamental and may fail on you for no good reason). Thank god my cards has never turn on me so far, and touch wood that won’t happen my lifetime. But the fact is we can never know, and we can only pop the cards into our camera and pray.

With the introduction of the extra card slot in the new cameras, I can rest easy a wee bit more, as I can always fall back on the other card, if really anything bad does happen to one of them. Of course, my theory of no perfection still holds true, and something could still happen to the camera and it in turn corrupts both cards at the same time! But that’s really reaching, and like I said, as long as we try our best, we can only leave the rest up to fate.

In an attempt to leave as little to chance, I recently purchased a truck load of Sandisk Extreme SD cards from my own pocket money, and will use a new pair of cards for every wedding couple with the cards kept in storage after the wedding, at another off-site location. All these, at no additional charges to our esteemed clients. Like I said, your wedding means the world to us, and it wouldn’t be right if we did not try to keep it that way.

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