June 29, 2015

What a June!!


It’s been a crazy month with weddings and photoshoots left right and center for much of the first half of June. Weirdly for me, this year, the last week plus of the month was slightly less hectic. (Usually even more crazy as it’s considered the 2nd peak season of the year for us wedding photographers.)

I even contemplated having my first short overseas trip with my family for the first time in years. But it just wouldn’t materialize as the whole family was struck down with a powerful strand of flu and fever virus. I did manage to withstand the virus for almost 2.5 weeks (yes, even with the kiddos coughing in my face all day)! But as soon as I was done with the last wedding assignment of the month, by the 3rd week. I was gone too. Crazy ass fever flu and headaches for about a week, and I’m only just getting better.

Life/work for us still goes on even when we are sick though, unlike my times in the corporate world, where taking MC is shiok, There’s no MC for us in this line. We still have to do our 1000% best to make sure we get the awesome images for our clients. In between I’d even gone on a few short photoshoots. Lucky there weren’t weddings, cos the long hours would seriously have killed me on top of the fever! LoL

All in all, it’s a great month nonetheless, with loads of activities all around. The one thing I wish I had more time to do, was to spend more time with my kiddo Claire though. It’s her school holiday and I felt so bad not being able to bring her out more. I guess that’s the drawback of our career as a wedding photographer. Well, I can always make it up to her on the quieter months with more ice cream runs! 😛



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