October 16, 2009

Lack of updates…


Some of my brides complained of lack of updates on my blog recently

and my reply was…

NO TIME! hahaha

Which is really the case now as I am swamped with work everyday.

On a sidenote, I am really looking forward to the Melbourne trip coming up end of the month, because I am extending my stay there after helping Joho with bridal photoshoots, and gonna rest there for a few days with my wife (my only real break for more than a year, after my planned hong kong trip back in august went up in smokes partly due to H1N1 and my delayed house reno).

Anyway, you can keep up with our updated works by becoming our Fan in facebook. And I usually posts some works there whenever i can as it’s a lil easier than updating my blog.

That’s not to say I will forget about my blog completely as I still see the blog as my main channel to communicate my thoughts and works, plus… I am a very sentimental guy so the blog is here to stay forever! hehe. Just bear with me through this few busier months alright 🙂

Anyway, here’s 3 shots from Jeff & Diana’s wedding yesterday. Thanks guys for having me at your wedding and although I ain’t gonna be able to touch on your photos until quite a bit later, hopefully the 3 shots can satisfy u for a while ya! haha…  and Diana, rest well, drink more fluids and hope u recover soon 🙂

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