January 7, 2015

Learn . Share . Repeat


While public speaking is not generally my thing, I always enjoyed sharing information and ideas.

For me, life has always been about learning. We make mistakes, we learn, and we pass on our knowledge and experience to others or our next generation.

I have been unwittingly thrust-ed into some sharing sessions and personal workshops on photography and post processing recently, and I must say they were slightly daunting, but quite an interesting new experience.

While I’m not perfect, I certainly will try my best to make sure everyone that attends a session with me gets/understand what I do to achieve what I create day in day out.

Some have asked me, why share all your “secret recipe”? Well, that’s because I personally don’t think there should be any secret recipe.

Once I empty all I have by passing on my knowledge, I will constantly have to try and innovate and come up with newer, better ideas or methods to photograph, or finish my images in order to keep up with the trend, times and competition. That, for me, is the only way to improve and is something we will never be able to achieve by holding on tight to whatever we have and sticking to it.

So say it together with me…

Let’s Learn, Share & Repeat.



摄影与做人一样,不能一尘不变。旧的不去, 新的不来。我们把所学分享后,才可以让自己不断求新,尝试或创新的拍摄与后期手法。死守只会带来腐朽,让我们跟不上时代与潮流的变迁。


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