June 25, 2009



I was in Lombok a while back, doing a casual photoshoot for one of my couples, Kengwei & Chuiping. The company was great and the place was beautiful and it’s a pity that I had only a very short time there.

It was really touch and go, mainly due to the many hours wasted on the first day waiting for a domestic flight from Bali over to Lombok. We actually spent more time waiting at the airport then on the plane! haha. as a result, outdoor photoshoot on the first day was impossible by the time we reached the villa.

There was at least a decent surprise waiting for us when we arrived at the villa. They prepared their largest villa for us! Yep 3 rooms, a living area and a pool to boot! and wait for it… each room actually has it’s own oversized bathroom. One had a super huge tub, another had a huge rainshower and there was even one with sauna room!!

I had my one night there and after a whirlwind shootout the next day, I found myself packing my bag and heading back to SG again. It was a very short trip, but I am tempted to go again. Hopefully, next time, it will be a getaway trip.

Images of KW & CP coming up in the next post, so keep a look out 🙂

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