February 13, 2008

My 3 Favs


Michael loves photography… but most of all, these 3 categories

1) Wedding – for the many emotions one can feel in a short span of a day (or less) and there is no greater joy then being able to capture these feelings on film (or digital film:p)

2)Street – random shooting on the street is very challenging. it keeps Michael sharp as you always have to pay attention to details to the randomness around, in order to get a good shot. Of coz it takes balls to stand in the middle of Orchard Road aiming your camera at others (not everyone dares LoL) and Michael loves it that he has what it takes! muahaha!

3)Land/cityscape – the world needs our appreciation, be it the wonder of nature or the high tech skyscrapers. It is only appropriate that we capture/preserve this sights for the generations to come.

btw Michael went street shooting the other day with Eric and got these 2 shots which he quite likes….

and here’s a shot of Eric (trying to act as though he dun like to be shot) but actually a big poser at heart :p

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