June 27, 2008



I need directions?

no no… actually that’s the name of a fusion vegetarian restaurant i visited yesterday afternoon…

there were loads of choice in the menu, ranging from all over the world (noodle soup lar, pizza lar, steak lar… u name it u got it!!!) most importantly the food is yummy!! <no wonder they called North South East West)

My fav is the Cheesy Pork Chop (last pic) Definitely must try!!! 😀

P.S – pardon the colour cast, i was lazy to colour correct.. hehehehe

P.P.S – The restaurant is located at BLK 89, Marine Parade Central #01-750 (near to the NTUC Fairprice) I know i am going again soon! Maybe u will see me there, gorging myself crazy.. haha

P.P.P.S – ok. this is totally off topic liaoz, but i wanna say thanks to someone i dun know. Recently i noticed a couple of hits to my blog, coming from here. So i went to the blog to look look see see lar… den i saw this!! muahaha… never tot that i can inspire leh… coz i always feel i’ve got much to learn… but whatever the case… thanks to slappermachine for the very kind comment 😀 and I promise to work doubly hard to achieve my dream

P.P.P.P.S – One last shot to share! hahahaha…

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