April 11, 2009



I am not one who can pen great flowing lyrics or stories that can move mountains. But I greatly appreciate those who can.

Recently, I have been hooked on this song called 沙龙 from Eason Chan’s latest Canto-pop album.

In this song written by Eason & Wyman, Eason croons about PHOTOGRAPHY of all subject! The beautiful lyric constantly reminds me of the importance of photography, and why I am dedicating my life to capture every precious moment out there.

Ultimately, our legacy will be not be the car we are driving, the number of properties we own or how much we have in our banks. Only our words and images will stand the test of time.

对焦她的爱, 对慢了, 爱人会失去可爱
记低这感慨, 世事变, 有没有将你淹盖
只一格, 经典的偶遇已, 不再

留住 温度, 速度, 温柔和愤怒
捉紧生命浓度, 坦白流露, 感情和态度
留下浮光, 掠影飞舞

拍下过, 记住过, 好过拥有, 光圈爱漫游
眼睛等色诱, 有人性, 镜头里总有丰收
虽则那 即影即有售罄, 菲林都已拆走
但是冲动用完, 又再有

留住温度, 速度, 温柔和愤怒
凝住今日, 怎样好
捉紧生命浓度, 坦白流露, 感情和态度
停下时光, 静止衰老

登高峯一秒, 得奖一秒, 再破纪录的一秒
港湾晚灯, 山顶破晓, 摘下怀念, 记住美妙
升职那刻, 新婚那朝, 成为父母的一秒

音乐, 话剧, 诗词和舞蹈
揉合生命千样好, 摄入相簿
绚烂如电, 虚幻如雾, 哀愁和仰慕
游乐人间, 活得好, 谈何容易
拍着照片, 一路同步
坦白流露, 感情和态度


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