December 18, 2010

The iPad Invasion


The iPad has recently made it’s invasion into my production workflow. Those who knows me well, will know I am not the biggest fan of apple products, not that it ain’t good or aesthetically beautiful, but that it’s very restricting in terms of customizability and sometimes usability. Hence the reason why i am still working on the PC (boohoo for all those that believes that a photographer or DI Artist must work on Macs). However, there is no denying that the iPad is probably one of the best digital photo frame out there.

I was on the lookout for a digital photoframe as I wanted to start displaying some morning highlights at wedding banquets.To my disappointment, none of the dedicated photoframe so far seems up to scratch. And trust me, I’d looked everywhere for a good and cheap(er) dedicated digital photo frame, but they were either too small, have lousy display resolution, or their slideshow animation plain sucked (think powerpoint in 1995)!

In contrast, the 10 inch (almost) iPad is like a godsend, albeit a slightly expensive one. The top notch display with slideshow transitions that were silky smooth, was more than good enough for my primary need. To top it off, I can use it to do some very very light surfing in my living room or play a game or two at times, and even purchase flashcards for my newborn baby girl. Those really sweetened the deal, and my purchase has really been vindicated thus far.

If you look past the shortcomings like, no adobe flash support, and poor customizability (unless you jailbreak your iPad), and considering the upcoming version of the iPad will probably have cameras, it’s really quite a fascinating gadget to have around.

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