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November 22, 2010

A Wedding At Mandarin Oriental…


On my way out for the dinner party of Paul & Jasmine. We had a smashing time covering their Traditional and Church Ceremonies on saturday. Now, it’s time to let their hair down and party!!

More images to come later!

Mr Lee : 22:57 November 22, 2010 Reply
mr chan, this series is really really naiseeee.... you seem to be on an editing spree lately!!
Mr Lee : 23:00 November 22, 2010 Reply
opps, sorry i meant to compliment chen-yang & peiling's post, but then again, this is equally naise as well.
MC : 11:07 November 23, 2010 Reply
nah... i am always on an editing spree. just that I am trying out something different and at the same time forcing myself to post more than usual hehehee

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