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November 19, 2010

Chen-Yang & Peiling – Wedding Day Sneak Preview


It’s been a pleasure getting to know Chen-Yang & Peiling over the last year or so. Covering their Solemnization and subsequently, their wedding day (which is awesome by the way). There could be no better match than this lovely couple. And sweet Chen-Yang who had no dance background was game enough to participate in the dinner intro dance sequence (took him 9 months to learn!!) which looked incredible. This must surely rank as the best surprise/intro to a wedding I have ever seen! 2 thumbs up to the Chen-Yang & Peiling and the flash mob dance crew!! You guys are the best!
For those who weren’t there, you can check out the video of the dance recorded by  the guests here (i actually appeared in the video a couple of times too! not dancing of course hahahaha)

More sneak peak shots over at our fanpage on facebook

london wedding photojournalism : 02:28 November 20, 2010 Reply
beautiful images, the posing it outstanding, love it!!
MC : 12:12 November 20, 2010 Reply
Thanks Mark. Lotsa fantastic work yourself!! :)
Wei Leng : 00:17 November 23, 2010 Reply
What a wedding! For a start, retro songs never fails to get me going. My smile just kept widening when the couple started dancing. When the flash mob came in, my sister and I were, well, too impressed to say anything! Taking a risk at sounding like a gushing teenager - the couple and their friends are simply too cool! But what was even more impressive was watching you at work. Only one shot at each (uhm) shot and you managed to capture the most captivating moments. You've certainly kept your cool despite being surprised by it all. Two thumbs up.
MC : 11:18 November 23, 2010 Reply
Thanks Wei Leng! it was really really cool and trust me the live show is even more fabulous than the video and what my shots can do. :) If only you could have been there to see it yourself! And if only i wasn't shooting, would i have been able to appreciate their performance fully. Sadly i was too busy looking out for and waiting for the opportune moment. And yeah, at times like this, even with so much movement around (a slow dance would have been so much easier on me!! hahaha) you have to keep your cool when shooting and not keep triggering off like crazy and hope that 1 or 2 shots will turn out ok. Composition and the right timing is still very important. It would have helped if i had seen their rehersal before, but I couldn't cos i was away from Singapore when the did the dry run, thus I was really happy to have pulled off a number of very decent shots for the lovely couple impromptu.

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