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November 12, 2008

MPA . Yervant Singapore Workshop


The 2 day workshop conducted by, Yervant, one of the best wedding photographers in the world was something not to be missed and I believe all of those who attended (including me) had returned with something useful, be it shooting technique, editing or the business aspect of the industry.

My only regret is that I could not get a copy of his magnificent photobook. which was sold out in a flash, and get him to sign on the cover! 🙁

Well… maybe one day I might get the chance if I were to visit Melbourne.

On a sidenote, this image here got me a Highly Commended Award under Contempory Portrait Category, in the Singapore Master Photographers Print Competition 2008. I was of course very very pleased.

The workshop and the MPA grading over the last 3 days has probably opened up my eyes and taught me more about photography than in the last 3 months. I certainly look forward to next year when a similar event will be held in KL.

Again, thanks to William Ng & Ryan for your guidance throughout the selection and grading process, thanks to Joho for your patience and guidance along my wedding photography path and William Chua, although I don’t think we officially shoot together before, I learnt alot while assisting you from time to time, so a big thanks to you too.

Weileng : 08:34 November 12, 2008 Reply
Hi Michael, congratulations on the award! :)
MC : 12:04 November 12, 2008 Reply
many thanks Weileng :)
jOhO : 15:16 November 12, 2008 Reply
love that shot of u and yervant, two great guys in one pic! =)
BH : 01:13 December 1, 2008 Reply
Whoa congratulations! Definitely didn't expect this shot to win anything, especially with our mugs on it. Nevertheless, a job very well done and you definitely deserve it! ;)
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