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December 20, 2008



While waiting for a cab (to cover a wedding banquet) yesterday evening, a gentle breeze caressed my face. I shut my eyes, took a deep breath and savored the moment. It wasn’t perfect because wifey wasn’t with me, but I was relaxed.

Lyn Lynn Chia : 23:12 December 23, 2008 Reply
did u mean us? hope we didn't make things too difficult for you! we loved having you there :)
Wifey : 23:23 December 23, 2008 Reply
Let's go to a beach half the world away!!
MC : 01:54 December 24, 2008 Reply
Lyn Lynn : No lar, I was referring to another wedding. Anyway, Hyatt was just a cab ride away mah no worries :) In fact I totally enjoyed covering your wedding, even though it's only for a couple of hours. The music you guys were playing were super nice! hehe my personal fav was 命中注定 Wifey: Yes please. Beach is cool!! but don't need to be half the world away lar! (budget constraints) haha

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