June 18, 2008

Remember Her . In A Forgotten World

Model Shoot

Had another shootout session with hot Jocelyn. 2 thumbs up for Jocelyn who was very pro and daring in trying any poses we throw at her. Also It was great fun watching the 2 masters, Eugene and William, at work. Really looking forward to their works and they looked great even on cam’s LCD lor.

Honestly, I was slightly troubled and did not shoot as much, but in an attempt to come up with something different.. i was shooting almost exclusively with wides.

Here are some previews (Click To Enlarge)

Updates updates… more pix added 🙂

This last one has a slightly different feel as compared to the others showcased here…

and finally… the participants of the shoot (“The Dog” style) in alphabetical order – E.J.M.W

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