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December 11, 2008

Yongkang & Hwee Suan – The Wedding


The guys were dressed up in masks and superhero / villians costumes.

And I actually came for the morning session in a Superman T-Shirt! Talk about coincidence!!

All in all, a fun day for the spunky bride and groom! Just don’t get me to do more of those 14 连拍! hahahaha (CLICK THUMBNAIL TO ENLARGE)

Hwee Suan : 23:34 December 11, 2008 Reply
Hi hi Michael, Really a BIG Thank You on Me & Yong Kang's wedding day, thanks for accompanying us on that long tiring day! The photos taken are super NICE, and i really mean very beautifully taken. (sorry, my vocab very limited... :P) I really love the FEEL of the photos, very natural and some of the expressions you captured. Many thanks for helping us capture that day's moments down. :)
MC : 00:11 December 12, 2008 Reply
Hi Hwee Suan, it was a pleasure and I am very glad u guys loved the images meantime take care and try to make a baby soon ya! haha

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