December 6, 2018

Olympus Visionary

Life of a photographer

It wasn’t easy putting together 3 seperate shoots in a span of less than a month. But we managed to pull it off thanks to the wonderful support from WeddingCrafters (Gorgeous gorgeous gowns), Jenny Goh (Power Make Up Artist), my buddies, Derrick, Jonathan, Amos and Jason who gave me a hand with the setups, and also the 2 lovely Couples Clarissa & Shannon, Kelly & Wei Liang, Rouchi & Wei Ying who all gave up time off their busy schedules to help me with the photoshoots.

Big big thanks also to OLYMPUS Imaging for the constant unwavering support and I’m extremely honored for the opportunity to be part of their Visionary Team. #olympusinspired #olympuscamera

Check out more of what we did over at the GALLERY.

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