February 24, 2008



My father was probably the guy who got me interested in photography. Growing up, I always find the family P&S camera in my hands, whenever we are on a family outing. My father would nudge me on to take the family portraits and scenary etc. Granted the shots back then were nothing fantastic, my passion for the art was slowly developed. Thank You Pa.

Fast forward 20 years, my love for capturing memorable moments is stronger than ever and that, I must attribute to all the members/photographers @ Clubsnap. They never cease to amaze me with wonderful captures, at the same time, motivating me to improve. Thank You CSers.

Next up is a person who inspired me to take up wedding photography. He is one of the best Wedding Photographer I’ve ever met and his works blow me away every time. When I shot my first ever wedding for my buddy, he was the one who said “if u seldom shoot weddings, i’d say u have alot of potential! might be something u can pursue further”. Trust me, that was very encouraging coming from someone of his status, although he himself might not have remembered saying/writing such words haha. He was of course real cool to have guided me along in the field and gave me chances to shoot with him, which did alot for my confidence. Thank You Joho.

Of course, I could not have obtained my gear (DSLR + multiple kick ass lens) had i not have the whole hearted support of my lovely wife (minister of finance), and without my trusty cam, i guess i am only an idiot without a box. For the great company you give, every time I go on street shoots and for always encouraging me forward, Thank You Xinyang.

The END…

…not quite, here are photos from a wedding, shot sometime back with joho.

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